Karma Is Coming

  • Karma is out to get me!
  • This I know to be true.
  • Karma is out to get me!
  • What am I to do?
  • I go around and do mean things sometimes.
  • At the time it seems the only thing to do.
  • But then something bad happens to me!
  • So I wanted to tell this story to you!
  • My father always told me to be good my whole life through.
  • Because if you are good, then all the good will come back to you.
  • The thoughts of all the good that would eventually come my way.
  • Would keep a smile on my face while I dreamed and throughout the day.
  • The second half of what he said just never really stuck.
  • It’s the second part, you see, that is stealing all my luck!
  • My father always told me to be good my whole life through.
  • Because if you are bad, then all the bad will come back to you. 
  • I never thought about the bad because I thought I was the best that best could be.
  • How on earth could any bad ever happen to me?
  • I have a little sister, who isn’t always my friend.
  • She is annoying sometimes. It’s becoming kind of a trend.
  • My parents were going to give us Popsicles; it was a hot summer day.
  • But my sister got in trouble while we were out at play.
  • They put her in time-out and that she could have her Popsicle after that.
  • She complained and pouted but in time-out is where she sat.
  • I walked right up to her with my nose stuck in the air.
  • I told her she was a bad little girl, so time-out was only fair!
  • Walking away from her I had my smile firmly in place. 
  • Then when I got my Popsicle, I waved it in her face.
  • I skipped away to enjoy my proof that I was good.
  • But then I tripped on a rock. My Popsicle flew through the air!
  • Into some dirt, it was ruined; all I could do was stare.
  • I asked my parents for another one, they sorry there were only those two.
  • By then my sister was out of time out. The thought of it all made me blue.
  • Looking at my sister enjoying her Popsicle in the yard.
  • My father walked up to me with a look that was kind of hard.
  • “I saw the way you treated your sister, that wasn’t very nice.”
  • “Because of how you acted, you paid a price.”
  • “Remember what I said, when you are bad, bad will come to you.”
  • It was just then that I thought that maybe it was true!
  • There was another day, we were at the park, with my little brother this time.
  • I was making fun of him because there was one part he couldn’t climb.
  • That’s when he went up the stairs and zoomed down the slide.
  • Right into some water! I laughed so hard I cried.
  • I told him some mean things until his cheeks were burning red.
  • Just then a bird flew over me and pooped right on my head!
  • On other days I did bad things and bad would come my way.
  • Then I realized when bad was coming there was no safe place to stay.
  • You could not do bad things and have good come in return.
  • And when that bad would find you, it would teach you a lesson and leave a burn.
  • It made me feel that when I was bad there was nowhere I could turn.
  • How did I get to this place? Where I feel I am running from the bad.
  • The thought of it all made me think. And made me feel sad.
  • It was then I also realized that when I was bad, I was hurting someone else.
  • I was always thinking there was nobody better than myself.
  •  I realized too that the bad was hunting me down.
  • And if I didn’t stop doing bad it would run me out of town!
  • So now I’m on a mission, to really do things right.
  • And if I don’t have nice things to say, I’ll keep my lips sealed tight.
  • Karma is now something, a real thing; I know this to be true.
  • Whether it’s good or bad, what would you want coming back to you?
  • Written by:
  • Copyright 2017 Yesenia AKA, Mom-me

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