Grown Up Dad

  • There once was a grown up dad, who did lots of grown up things.
  • He could fix a tire, build a fire and make a pooped out drier sing.
  • He did lots of grown up things you know, all day long he’d go.
  • He’d wake up every morning with to-do lists in his head.
  • He would do it all without fail before his time for bed.
  • On the outside this dad seemed very grown up indeed.
  • With his big white van and bulky tools, who knows what any of them do.
  • He’d go to work and fix and build till all the work was through.
  • “It’s too hard to be a grown up and do all the grown up things.” he’d say.
  • Till finally around 4 o’clock it was time to end his day.
  • But on his drive back home the sky and mood would begin to change.
  • It didn’t seem so low, it was really very strange.
  • Beautiful twilight was starting to take its color now.
  • When he gets home his kids will come out, see the sky and ask him “How?!”
  • This was the time if day he seemed to like the best.
  • Time to look at the kids asking their questions and answer, as if a test.
  • What a job he had to give knowledge to these little, little kids.
  • They trusted him completely and took every answer as truth.
  • So, he had to be very sure to know everything from the twilight, to a tooth.
  • Ah yes, you kids, the twilight is really something to be seen. The answer is very scientific; now let me think…how can it be.”
  • After only a moment of pondering, the answer came at last.
  • With these kids you had to think of what to say and you had to do it fast.
  • He told them about the fairies! 
  • Yes, the fairies…
  • The special ones for night.
  • They would sleep all day and always, always stay out of sight.
  • They would come out of their fairy home.
  • Look up at the sky and how that sun shine shone.
  • “How blue! How boring! It’s much too bright to see!”
  • They knew what they must do and with the mission of a bee.
  • They would crouch to the ground and jump into that bright day place.
  • They loved zooming through the air and thought of outer space.
  • How beautiful with the moon and the stars it had to be.
  • They splashed dark color everywhere for everyone to see.
  • “So that, you kids, is how twilight comes about.”
  • They were so impressed by this great tale, it was hard for them not to shout.
  • That grown up dad loved to fill his kids heads with all these silly things.
  • The fairies if night, the tooth fairy monster and all the wonders in between.
  • All his kids grew up happy with all that wonder in their hearts.
  • So, everyday that grown up dad would wake and his busy day would start.
  • All the breaking and fixing, there was always so much to do.
  • But all the wonders and “what if’s” would come to his mind too.
  • What if there were secret fairies that turned the day to night?
  • What if a tooth fairy monster made parents go to sleep with fright?
  • What if there was a utopia of baked food plants? Oh, what a sight!
  • So many things to wonder, he wouldn’t give all that up without a fight.
  • You see, this grown up dad who did all those grown up things wasn’t grown up at all!
  • He was just a big kid with a van and tools, what a show he put on for them all!
  • The real him was home with his kids, where his mind could roam around free.
  • With all the possibilities and how wonderful they would be.
  • Written by:
  • Copyright 2017 Yesenia AKA, Mom-me

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