• There once was a boy and his name was Sky.
  • He dreamed all his life that one day he’d fly.
  • And all of his life he knew through and through why.
  • Up in the air is where he knew he belonged.
  • He was so sure of this, he knew in the air, he could do no wrong.
  • Sky grew up very fast! He grew up brilliantly, very big and very strong.
  • It was time now to fly! He thought of this all the day long.
  • There was nothing to stop him now. No reason why.
  • To stay on the ground. He knew he had to fly.
  • He joined the Air Force. The flying red, white and blue.
  • He knew in his heart it was the right thing to do.
  • His parents worried he’d be hurt. This he knew this could be true.
  • But he bit down his brow and marched right on through.
  • One day a war broke out and they said he must fly.
  • His heart pulled him to his plane. He would not pass this by.
  • His whole country needed him. So, no need to ask why.
  •  Who knew such a war could be fought in the air.
  • Such violence brought to such beauty. It didn’t seem fair.
  • But no time to dwell and no time to stare.
  • There was a war to be fought, he needed his heart and mind to be there.
  • He was brilliant in his plane, it was clear they sent the right guy.
  • His mind was so sharp as he flew so up high.
  • His mind was so clear and focused as others planes dropped from the sky.
  • He could only hope they weren’t one of his as they passed from up above on by.
  • He belonged in the air and he never would die.
  • He was meant to be in the air. In the beauty he’d fly.
  • So wiether his body lived or it died, Sky was in the sky.
  • He is where he belongs, so no need to ever cry.
  • Written by:
  • Copyright 2017, Yesenia AKA, Mom-me

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