Train Tales

  • Every morning I wake up with sleepy seeds in my eyes.
  • I hear my mothers voice saying, “Wake up! Come on guys!”
  • We wake up quick, eat some cereal and we are out of the house in a flash.
  • Out the door and down the street, our daily one mile dash.
  • We live in a big city with big buildings, noise and smoke.
  • By we, I mean my mom, my little brother and I. The people I love the most.
  • We get to where we are going; right on time I feel I must say.
  • The dash was a win! Just like every other day.
  • I love this part of every day. When the day is bright and new.
  • Looking around at the sparkling grass still speckled with beads of morning dew.
  • The air is fresh and the sky is so nice with its purples, pinks and blues.
  • So much to do on our busy days but I look for all the magic before its all through.
  • My mother is made of real magic. I’ve seen it come out of her mind.
  • She finds beauty everywhere in this world where it can be so hard to find.
  • She taught me and my brother how to find magic that comes from the mind.
  • It’s so sad to me how so many are so completely magically blind.
  • I see it all day long, the people going here or there.
  • With their looks of frustration but otherwise blank stare.
  • But back to where we are. At the very beginning of our day.
  • Are you wondering where we are? Guessing is such a fun way to play.
  • At the train station! 
  • We take it every day on our way to school and my mom to work.
  • We step aboard and my little brother gives me his all-knowing smirk.
  • We find a seat away from everyone. A place we can be alone.
  • In the silence you can hear the trains creaks and groans.
  • The whole world seems to take on its own steady tone.
  • My mother starts every ride with a different wonder for our minds to twist around.
  • “What if this train went up and flew us far as our minds can stray?”
  • “What if it was a dragon and are we’re its mastermind? We could fly around and keep fire at bay?”
  • She would start these train tales and we would take them away.
  • Every morning we would start our wondering and let our magic minds run free.
  • That’s my proof that magic is a real thing. How else could all these things from our minds possibly be?!
  • On those rides, of maybe thirty minutes or so.
  • Our magic would start to flow and who knew where we would go.
  • We’ve have been a mystical dragon whose fire can right what’s been wrong.
  • We’ve been time traveling explorers being chased by dinosaurs through a storm.
  • We’ve been heroic cowboys fighting off train robbers in the old west.
  • We’ve turned into a submarine and seen the sea creatures down below.
  • We’ve been little birds who can change the weather and even make it snow.
  • One day my mother sat between us on one of our morning rides.
  • She put her arms around us and gave us a tickle on our sides.
  • She said, “What if I was the mother of two wonderful kids?”
  • “What if I was the happiest mother, because of your beautiful minds?”
  • “What if I’m left behind one day because of all the adventures you must find?”
  • “That would be the best gift of all, to know I was not a bind.”
  • “I teach your minds magic because one day it will be you with your mind that must run away free.”
  • “I love you both the most of all for all the wonder and magic that will come your way and how wonderful that will be.”
  • We would go to school happy and ready for anything, because of our train tales.
  • Then we would run out of school and into my mothers arms every day without fail.
  • We would go home, do our homework, eat dinner and cuddle with a movie on the couch.
  • Sometimes when things  got so quiet in our little lovely house.
  • I would smile to myself about how life was so good.
  • I would never change anything, even if I could.
  • Magic is the best gift my mother gave to me.
  • Finding beauty in everything I think is not meant to be .
  • But beauty can be found if you have magic in your mind, like me.
  • When you sit alone think, use your minds magic and SEE! 
  • All the wonders and “what -if’s” there can be.
  • Written by:
  • Copyright 2017, Yesenia AKA, Mom-me

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