• There once was a spirit who could go on living forever.
  • If you asked her when she thought life would grow tiring, her answer was never.
  • Life was so wonderful! It should never, ever end.
  • So much can happen in life, the way a timeline can bend.
  • She hoped to die of old age, after a long and wonderful life.
  • Then, start again anew and hope for no amount of strife.
  • Now, it was time for her to begin her wonderful journey!
  • A blast of light, this was it! Her eyes opened wide.
  • The beauty of the world soaked into her, in a split moment tide.
  • She stood on her legs and knew from inside.
  • She woke as an elephant! She started her grand stride.
  • All her days through, there was so much to see.
  • She took a moment and thought about how grand life would be.
  • But one day, in one moment, while sitting by a tree.
  • He was shot and was killed because of a hunters greed for ivory.
  • Again, a blast of light as her eyes slowly fluttered open.
  • The sorrow of his last life took a moment to soak in.
  • She felt it in her heart, it was slightly, but noticeably broken.
  • No time to dwell on that.
  • She noticed it was on a high branch she sat.
  • She stood on her branch and knew for a fact.
  • She saw all her bright parrot feathers and couldn’t wait to act!
  • She swooped off her branch and was so excited to fly.
  • She saw all the world zooming beautifully by.
  • She knew with her new life, there was no reason to be shy.
  • But then one sad day she was shot down, right out of the sky.
  • Because of her beautiful colored feathers they wanted, she had to die.
  • A sliver of light was now in site once more.
  • It was then she began to wonder, what was it all for?
  • Maybe this life would be better. Maybe a real and long life was in store.
  • This life would be different! Much different then before.
  • With that new ray of hope she could feel the sun with its shine.
  • She stood up and could see there was no reason to whine.
  • She was a tiger after all! She knew everything would be fine.
  • She ran free around the jungle, all part of life’s design.
  • But, then one day she was out and tripped on a line.
  • She was trapped and killed because of her fur. It was this hunters goldmine.
  • She new this time before she saw it, the light was out there again to be seen.
  • She didn’t understand how the world could be so violent and mean.
  • Why did each life end with such a horrible scene?
  • It was at that moment she realized with a little bit of fright.
  • She was a human this time! At this, her mood became bright.
  • She was in no danger in this life, she would be good and she would live right.
  • As the years went by she noticed almost all humans were selfish and full of spite.
  • She was still young when she went out to the store one night.
  • She turned a corner and couldn’t believe her sight.
  • She was shot and killed for her money. She couldn’t believe with all her might.
  • This time, without a doubt, her heart was completely broken.
  • She didn’t want to live again, she couldn’t be bought with any token.
  • She went to the higher spirits and wouldn’t stop until all her sorrow was spoken.
  • Why did people go to the world and hand out so much pain.
  • It was then her sorrow was so great, it caused the sky to rain.
  • So reader, I was asked by that spirit to write this story to you.
  • She wanted me to give you this last message too:
  • A life is not something that ever should be taken.
  • The loss of all this life so needlessly should leave you sadly shaken.
  • If you read this and think it doesn’t matter, you are sadly mistaken
  • Because most living things, once they die, will never reawaken.
  • Written By:
  • Copyright 2017, Yesenia AKA, Mom-me

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