The Girl Who Couldn’t See The Light

  • There once was a girl who was very pretty and bright.
  • She could help keep the peace and she could fight a good fight.
  • But, there was a problem with this girl. To her there was no light.
  • She ran around looking for who she was all day and all night.
  • Nothing nice and happy was ever in her sight.
  • She would look into the woods and only see the dangers not in sight.
  • When night would come around, she felt imprisoned by night.
  • She was always scared and sure to lock everything tight.
  • In the dark hours she felt nothing but fright.
  • One day she was alone so she went to the fountain to sit and think.
  • She looked in and thought, if I fell in, would I float or would I sink?
  • She looked up at that moment and couldn’t believe what was there.
  • An old woman, with sparkling beads and feathers in her hair.
  • While sitting at that fountain she could do nothing but stare.
  • That beautiful old woman said that she had something to share.
  • She said, “I have seen you around, hurrying from one place to another.
  • I have seen into your mind and that has left me to wonder.”
  • “I can see that you look at the sun shine but see only the clouds.
  • I have seen you duck your head and hurry through crowds.”
  • “I have seen in your mind that you have so much that’s feared.
  • All of that fear won’t let you see clear.”
  • “I can see from your heart and mind that you are beautiful and bright.
  • But not even you will see that if you don’t clear your sight.”
  • “I can help you clear yourself of the filter that has affected your light.
  • I can make it break free and make everything right.”
  • “I have brought some magic with me and I know what to do.
  • There is so much beauty all around; I want you to see that it’s true.”
  • “All day long there is beauty all around.
  • If you can believe it, all that beauty even has a sound.”
  • “When you look around you should see the flowers and the trees.
  • You should sit by this fountain with its sparkling water and enjoy the breeze.”
  • “And, the night, I know you fear it. I know this is true.
  • But, it’s beautiful if you look! All its waves of dark blue.”
  • “I know it’s easy to be scared when life is so uncertain.
  • But, you must look up at that big majestic curtain.”
  • “Marvel at the moon and stars and how beautiful they are.
  • Even as small as we are here looking from so far.
  • Also, make sure you look around! Not just at the sky.
  • Or you’ll never see the light show, of the lightning bugs flying by.”
  • “But, that sound that I mentioned. Now that’s a sound to be heard.
  • You can hear the fountains rushing water and the joy it brings the birds.
  • The whole world is speaking to you. Without speaking a single word.”
  • “We are just two small people, us sitting here, you and me.
  • This big world around us.
  • Oh, so much happiness and beauty out there for you to see.”
  • “After this moment I want you to walk with your ears and eyes open.
  • Let all that fresh air and lovely sunshine soak in.”
  • I looked at that woman and heard all she was saying.
  • She spoke so beautifully. She wasn’t just playing.
  • As she was speaking the beads in her hair kept sparkling.
  • It was at that moment I noticed that the sky around us was darkening.
  • I looked back at that kind old lady and saw such a sight.
  • The beads in her hair weren’t sparkling at all! The sparkle was coming from within.
  • I also noticed she had a golden glow…
  • Who was this woman? I wanted to know.
  • At that very moment she raised her hand and with one glowing fingertip.
  • She tapped me on the nose!
  • And what happened next? I wish I could tell you!
  • Who knows.
  • I had closed my eyes when she tapped me on the nose.
  • When I opened my eyes, away flew a little something that sparkled and glowed.
  • I felt peace at that moment. I’d never felt before.
  • I couldn’t wait to go around and see what my life had in store.
  • Every day after that was beautiful, rain or shine.
  • And I knew in my heart, that everything would be fine.
  • No more fears of “what if’s”.
  • Since that day I have felt happy and me.
  • For the first time in my life, I can finally see.
  • The only thing I wanted to be in my life,
  • Is free.

Copyright © Yesenia Hernandez 2017

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