Friends Forever

  • Once upon a time there was a little girl called Cry.
  • Don’t ask me please, for I don’t know why.
  • She seemed happy all the time and just a little bit shy.
  • I’m walking to her now, I’m going to ask Cry.
  • After all these days, I have to know why.
  • I must admit I’m feeling a bit shy.
  • I see her in the woods skipping away, I cried, “Stop Cry!”
  • She stopped, looked at me and asked me, “Why?”
  • No more pretending, no more being shy.
  • I looked at that little girl and asked, “Why do they call you Cry?”
  • “I’ve been seeing you here and I’m wondering why.”
  • “I’ve been meaning to ask you, but I was too shy.”
  • “This is why they call me Cry.”
  • She put out her hand to show me why.
  • Why she was alone but happy and a little bit shy.
  • She showed me how she woke one day and did nothing but cry.
  • She sat there crying and asked herself, “Why?”
  • She had died in the woods that day and it left her quite shy.
  • “People hear me from time to time but they only hear a cry.”
  • “I try to talk to them, I don’t know why.”
  • “When I saw that you could see me, it made me happy but shy.”
  • “Finally I have a friend to talk to. Someone who doesn’t just hear a cry.”
  • “But I’m kind of sad, that you don’t know why.”
  • “The same thing that got me, got you. So no need to be shy.
  • We’re in here together, friends forever, you and I.

Copyright © Yesenia Hernandez 2017

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