• Be careful they say.
  • Before you go to bed.
  • Be careful they say.
  • About the monster under the bed!
  • He’ll come out at night and bite off you head!
  • When the morning comes, you’ll be lying there dead!
  • And, the one in the closet!
  • When you reach your arm in.
  • That monster in the closet, with that hungry sharp grin.
  • He’ll grab your shirt tight.
  • And pull you right in!
  • Oh, but the one in the basement!
  • You know…the one under the stairs.
  • He waits in the shadows, he waits and he glares.
  • The light from upstairs shines down like a blare.
  • He will eat you up! Because he doesn’t care.
  • Ah, wait, there is one worse!
  • It’s the monster part of your head.
  • The part that holds onto those feeling of dread.
  • From movies and stories, your mind keeps all that scary stuff in.
  • Until all your nerves are stretched terribly thin.
  • But, I have very good news, it’s all make-believe!
  • There are no monsters in your house!
  • Waiting all day like a giant, foaming, human eating mouse.
  • Your house is quite safe!
  • Don’t you worry or fear.
  • There are no shadows in there, waiting for you to come near.
  • So relax and be happy! Come outside and be free!
  • You can trust me!
  • Who am I you ask?
  • Why…I’m the now very hungry monster in the trees!

Copyright  © Yesenia Hernandez 2017

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